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Looking for supplies to build that architecture project, model dioramma, tabletop terrain piece? We carry a full line of Balsa and Basswood as well as the best glues and adhesives to cover a wide range of project types.

Balsa Wood

Grown in South American rain-forests, Midwest's Balsa is kiln-dried to produce a light-weight and high strength-to-weight ratio wood. Balsa cuts easily with a hobby knife and can be stained or painted to represent and wood type. It is the premier wood for modeling.


A domestic wood cut in Northern Michigan and Wisconsin, desired because of its economy, work-ability and finishing qualities. Its close, tight homogeneous grain structure makes it ideal for a wide variety of hobby, craft and miniature projects. Thin Basswood may be cut with a hobby knife; thicker Basswood requires a saw for cutting. Basswood may be stained or painted to represent any wood type.

Micro-Cut Quality ®

Describes our unique approach to producing the finest sheets, strips and blocks world-wide.

  • Highest quality wood from tree plantations.
  • Our machinery is developed in-house because standard, commercial tools do not provide adequate cut tolerances (up to 0.002 inches) in the industry.
  • Five step inspection process to meet the most demanding requirements.

If you are looking for a specific size of Balsa or Basswood, please Contact Us

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Midwest Balsa & Basswood
Midwest Balsa & Basswood
Midwest Balsa & Basswood
Midwest Balsa & Basswood