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Deep caverns filled with inconceivably ancient evils. Plotting warlords ahead a throng of devious goblins who aim their spite at the surface dwellers above. Unending seas of the reanimated dead ushered into conquest by a megalomaniac Lich Lord. Hidden passages guarded by voracious sphinx lusting for knowledge. A calloused and immutable dragon roosting upon its trove of treasure in the ruins of a once great city state. Deities who vive for influence and worship like peddlers in a market. And, most important of all, the heroes and villains who twist the wills of fate with their every action. Dungeons and Dragons is an infinite number of worlds and endless possibilities.

Dungeons and Dragons is a cooperative storytelling game that uses dice to determine the success and failure of each action. For decades groups of friends have sought fortune and fame under the watchful gaze of their Dungeon Master. Dungeon Masters create settings and describe scenarios to their players. They design their worlds and populate them with non-player characters like storekeeps, bakers, charlatans, vagabonds, heroes of legends, ruinous villains, and even the gods. They set the wheels of world altering events into motion and direct their players as they explore the rich and unique realms they manifest.

Players create their own characters which they play as. Chosen from a wide range of races like the mercurial elves, stern and industrious dwarves, scorned half-orcs, jovial halflings, and many more. Venture forth as a Paladin safeguarding virtue and the innocent. Explore the wilds as a Ranger. Serve your chosen deity and wield a portion of their divine might as a cleric. Gather knowledge and unleash reality altering spells as a wizard. Trick, thieve, and bribe your way to prominence as a rogue. Wager your very soul for a lifetime of power and an eternity of torment as a warlock. Channel wild magic as a sorcerer. Or, mix and match any of the above classes as you see fit to make your own unique persona.

Hodgins has everything needed to create your own adventures with the 5thed of Dungeons & Dragons. We carry starter sets, rule books, quick reference cards, copious amounts of dice, playmates, a wide range of miniatures, a huge selection of paints, and a variety of brushes.

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